Cultures in Focus

Infant carriers are found in every culture on the planet and throughout history. Cultures evolve through time, becoming history. This section deals with cultures within the last 50 years. Click on the names of cultures or geographical regions below to learn how they carry their infants and what infant carriers represent to their culture.

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Aka (Pygmy), Congo

Beng, Cote d’Ivoire

Betsimasraka, Madagascar

Columbia, South America (Kangaroo Care)

Modern Egypt


Gejia, Matang Village, Guizhou Province, China




Kaluli and Telefol, New Guinea

Kayapo, Amazonia, Brazil


Manggari, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia

Maori, New Zealand

Miao, Nankai, China

Mixtecans, Juxthlahuaca, Mexico

Nairobi, Kenya


Quecha, Peru

Saami, Norway


United States of America

Wales, Great Britain

Wari’, Rondônia, Brazil

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